WE are Jim and Paula Fullingim from Athens, Texas. We began selling crafts more than 20 years ago.

Jim and I have been married for almost 27 years and have two sons,ages 27and 25    (no daughter-in-laws and no grandchildren). We live in East Texas and have been doing
the arts and crafts business for more than 20 years.  Most recently (5 years ago),
we started making Personal Cedar Signs and Children’s Wooden Toys.  We can offer children from ages 14mos to 14yrs a handmade wooden toy that will last for years to come.  Our toys are made of Pine, Bamboo, and Oak.

Our Arts/Crafts Festival season begins mid-March through Christmas each year.
We normally attend 25-30 shows annually.  January-February is the two months we
take to try to get ahead of the game in pure production of our toys.
June-July is very hot months, so we limit our festivals to two per month.
During August, we take a weeks vacation for ourselves and sometimes another for a family vacation.

We have listed our  best selling products, and believe us when we say not all products sells at Craft Shows or Fairs. We also Discovered 5 Huge Mistakes that Most Craft Show Vendors Make, and still continue to make and later wonder Why Their Products do not sell, or they sell very few of their Products. We would love to  share with you our experiences in the Craft Show Business.

We have made some serious money,  and our Living in the Craft Show Business.

The Items that East Texas Crafters offer for sale are proven sellers at Craft Shows.

If you have
any ideals or suggestions please contact us.